Oct 31

Preston Bus Station Augmented Reality

View extra content for Preston Bus Station.

If you have a smartphone (or ipad2) and the aurasma app installed, then you can view a slideshow of extra images of Preston Bus Station on your PC or tablet. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure you have this page open on your PC or tablet  http://vimeo.com/31185562
  2. View this tumblr page on your smartphone 
  3. Click on the title above (or go to this link in your phones mobile browser http://bit.ly/tmMuyh) which should open the aurasma app
  4. Point your smartphone camera at the static image on the video (don’t start the video). You should see a slideshow.

If you are viewing this page inside twitter - then you need to choose to open it in Safari or mobile browser- then click title to open the aurasma app

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